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Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 11.01.29 PMBEWARE THE HARE!
Is he or isn’t he a vampire?

Before it’s too late, Harold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about the newest pet in the Monroe household — a suspicious-looking bunny with unusual habits…and fangs!

Hilarious, suspenseful–a complete delight.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 8.19.58 AM

More conversation than narrative, this charming book poses all manner of questions worth pondering.  Would you rather…tickle a monkey or dance with goats?  The more harrowing questions, like Would you rather be… swallowed by a fish or sat on by a rhinoceros? are tempered by Burningham’s wonderfully silly drawings.


A funny tale that can be equally enjoyed by monster truck enthusiast and bunny lovers alike.

Mr. Pine made signs.

He made signs that said STOP.

He made signs that said GO.

He made signs that said FAST.

And signs that said SLOW.

When Little Town needs signs, Mr. Pine is the man to do it.  When the sun, wind and rain take their toll, it’s time to make a fresh batch.  Mr. Pine sets to work quickly…but wackiness ensues when he looses his glasses on installation day!

I’m merrier than a terrrier.

Swish!  I’m a fish.

This 1951 classic easy reader bursts with joy, imagination and enough adorable art to charm a snake with.

Illustrated by Mary Blair of Disney animation fame and creator of character designs for Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride.

A classic that has it all—adventure, romance, humor and great art.  Equal parts tender-hearted and delightfully bizarre.  A sublime tale.

The amazing true story of best friends Bobbie the dog and Bob Cat the cat, who survived Hurricane Katrina by sticking together and helping one another.

Houndsley the dog loves canoeing, but not bike riding. His best friend Catina the cat loves bike riding, but not canoeing. How will they ever enjoy these things together? Luckily, they discover how to help one another.

A fly, a frog, a cat, and a dog, give chase along with several other critters as a little boy tries to help sort out the mayhem. This cumulative, rhyming tale bounces along with an arc of suspense and most of all, humor.

Mr. Putter and tabby are bored, and hot, and they need an orangesicle…Luckily, their adventurous neighbor Mrs. Teaberry and her dog Zeke are always up for some fun.  They head off for a sightseeing cruise, and have such a fabulous time, it’s hard to peel themselves (and especially Zeke!) off the boat.

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