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Did you know that every zebra has its own unique set of stripes?  And that the mother memorizes her baby’s pattern as soon as it’s born?!  Find out this and other amazing facts of many animal’s first day of life.

Ben is thrilled to receive a penguin as a present, but not so thrilled that it doesn’t seem to talk. He tries everything to make Penguin speak—tickling, funny faces, silly songs and even standing on his head. When all of that fails to get a reaction, he resorts to more frustrated measures like prodding, imitating and ignoring, finally firing Penguin off to outer space strapped to a rocket, only to have him return, silent as ever. Things devolve from bad to worse until finally, a lion eats Ben “for being too noisy.” Penguin comes to the rescue, biting Lion hard on the nose. Ben sees the light literally and figuratively as he flies out of Lion’s mouth and finally realizes that even though Penguin can’t talk, he is able to express feeling for Ben in his own wonderful way. We see a dialogue bubble filled with images of all the times they’ve spent together and at last Ben knows that penguin loves him.

Quirky, funny and charming. Dunbar chooses her words and brush strokes carefully, which concentrates everything and packs more punch. Ben, Penguin and Lion reside over clean white backgrounds, focusing the eye on what matters most. An entertaining tale that in the end, is about understanding and appreciating one another.

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