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Mr. Pine made signs.

He made signs that said STOP.

He made signs that said GO.

He made signs that said FAST.

And signs that said SLOW.

When Little Town needs signs, Mr. Pine is the man to do it.  When the sun, wind and rain take their toll, it’s time to make a fresh batch.  Mr. Pine sets to work quickly…but wackiness ensues when he looses his glasses on installation day!

Young Shau-yu turns a simple errand into a magically imaginative adventure. On her way to buy eggs, she follows a cat’s shadow, peers through a blue marble, crunches leaves and makes her world blurry with a found pair of eyeglasses. She returns home to her loving father, having had, “such a busy day.”

This book is a triumph in its quiet brilliance. Though the color palate is muted earth tones and the story is modest in its every-day-ness, it brims with life and magic. The artist’s perspectives are fresh and unexpected: Shau-yu is able to follow a cat’s shadow which is cast on the ground—the cat is walking on a roof, so it appears that Shau-yu is teetering on the edge as well. When she looks through the blue marble, the world, “becomes a big blue ocean”—awash in a gorgeous tone.  Pure, delightful and utterly charming.

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