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In the spirit of Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein, seriously funny poems with wonderful rollicking rhythms to read-a-loud.

A dozen poems celebrate the many shades of African American skin. The tone is celebratory, joyful, proud. The free verse unfurls naturally, beautifully. Lusciously illustrated by Floyd Cooper, he fills every inch with an almost tangible warmth–both in the hues and the play of sunlight or moonlight on the children’s luminous faces.

Seventeen haiku quietly celebrate the natural world and point-of-view of its many creatures on land, sea and sky.  The poems unfold as gentle riddles, with gorgeously rendered large-scale paintings by Rand.  “Who is Who” end pages identify each animal.

Twenty hilarious poems about well-known monsters and their little-known fears and foibles. Who among us is brave enough to tell Dracula that he’s had spinach stuck in his teeth all night?

The perennial classic chock full of poems profound and preposterous from a whale-eating girl to a shadow that needs washing. Something for everyone and a book that has lasted generations on the shelf and in our hearts.

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