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A dozen poems celebrate the many shades of African American skin. The tone is celebratory, joyful, proud. The free verse unfurls naturally, beautifully. Lusciously illustrated by Floyd Cooper, he fills every inch with an almost tangible warmth–both in the hues and the play of sunlight or moonlight on the children’s luminous faces.

Peter, a young African American boy, awakens one morning to find a fresh blanket of snow outside. He dons his snowsuit and spends the day exploring the landscape in wonderment. He experiments with footprints, sticks, snowmen and snow angels. His adventures, though ordinary, have an intimate, absolute magical quality about them, as does Keats’ cut-paper and watercolor art. He manages to perfectly capture a combination of innocence, tranquility and excitement all at once. A pure classic that will never lose its charms.

Corduroy, an adorable brown stuffed bear, spends his days waiting on a toy department shelf for someone, “to come along and take him home.” He catches the eye of a sweet African American girl one day, but her mother sighs, “I’ve already spent too much already. Besides, he doesn’t look new. He’s lost the button to one of his shoulder straps.” After the store closes that night, he sets out on a wild adventure to find his button. He never finds it, but he does find a wonderful friend the next morning when a little girl returns to buy him, with the money saved in her piggy bank.

A classic story that is never loses its many charms. The illustrations have a wonderful depth and detail, with cross-hatched black shadows and generous pastels. A thoroughly satisfying, endearing story.

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