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Quiet yet evocative, this is a lovely melding of artwork, design, and text… Little ones, to whom each experience is new, will know what it’s like to dream and wait. -Booklist

I’m merrier than a terrrier.

Swish!  I’m a fish.

This 1951 classic easy reader bursts with joy, imagination and enough adorable art to charm a snake with.

Illustrated by Mary Blair of Disney animation fame and creator of character designs for Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride.

 A young boy named Nicki looses a snow-white mitten that his “Baba” made for him. It’s not long before a mole, rabbit, hedgehog, owl, badger, fox, bear and tiny mouse squeeze into the mitten to take refuge from the snowy day. Just as the boy realizes his mitten is gone, the mouse’s whiskers tickle the bear’s nose and “Aaaaa-aaaaa-ca-chew! all the animals [fly] out of the mitten.” Nicki catches the extraordinarily stretched-out mitten as it sails through the air, calling out to his grandma, “See, Baba!…I have both my mittens.”

An endearing Ukrainian folktale well-told and beautifully illustrated. Each two page spread is framed in birch bark drawings. The mitten cutouts on either side foreshadow what the next page will bring.

A clever mouse “takes a stroll through the deep dark wood” where it seems every animal he encounters wants to eat him. He outwits them all by inventing a monstrous creature call a gruffalo that he claims is meeting him for lunch. He tells the snake, “…his favorite food is scrambled snake.” This news sends each predator running for their lives and the mouse walks on unscathed until…he meets a real live gruffalo!

A rolicking, effortlessly rhymed, joy to read. Utterly entertaining, appropriately suspenseful, with the affable, whip-smart hero coming out on top in the end. The art is delightful, with the gruffalo rendered just as the mouse had described.

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