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The first book in the popular and funny easy reader series.  A boy searches for a smart animal to take to The Amazing Pet Show and bumps into a fly that is intelligent enough to say his name, “Buzz!”

Using his imagination, a rabbit turns a cardboard box into a race car, a mountain, a burning building, a robot, and countless other things. An unidentified voice questions him with “Why are you sitting in a box?” and “Why are you squirting a box?” much to rabbit’s annoyance, who repeatedly responds, “It’s not a box!”

A unique charmer with a knowing wink to box-loving imaginative children everywhere. The carefully chosen, limited color palette of black, white, brown, red and yellow and simple line drawings prove that it doesn’t take much to be pleasing. The cardboard cover stands out on the shelf and beckons hands to reach for it.

The text is spare and simple, the concept brilliant and beautifully executed. Die cut pages slathered in vibrant, textural paints turn to reveal a fascinating, yet simple lesson in developmental biology. A two page spread with a white egg peaking through a die-cut orange page turns to reveal a yellow chick (whose body is formed from the backside of the egg cut-out) and a white chicken (whose belly formerly gave way to the white egg). The concept continues, each one showing three stages of development (seed, sprout, flower and so on). More esoteric sequences are shown as well, as in, “First the WORD. Then the STORY.” The book ends, aptly, with the chicken begetting an egg.

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