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Mr. and Mrs. Mallard search far and wide to find a safe place to start their family.  They settle on a little island not far from the Boston Public Garden and hatch their ducklings.  When they need to rendezvous with papa duck, who went on a scouting trip, a friendly police man helps the proud momma and her flightless babies safely through the city.

Peter, a young African American boy, awakens one morning to find a fresh blanket of snow outside. He dons his snowsuit and spends the day exploring the landscape in wonderment. He experiments with footprints, sticks, snowmen and snow angels. His adventures, though ordinary, have an intimate, absolute magical quality about them, as does Keats’ cut-paper and watercolor art. He manages to perfectly capture a combination of innocence, tranquility and excitement all at once. A pure classic that will never lose its charms.

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