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Mr. Pine made signs.

He made signs that said STOP.

He made signs that said GO.

He made signs that said FAST.

And signs that said SLOW.

When Little Town needs signs, Mr. Pine is the man to do it.  When the sun, wind and rain take their toll, it’s time to make a fresh batch.  Mr. Pine sets to work quickly…but wackiness ensues when he looses his glasses on installation day!

I’m merrier than a terrrier.

Swish!  I’m a fish.

This 1951 classic easy reader bursts with joy, imagination and enough adorable art to charm a snake with.

Illustrated by Mary Blair of Disney animation fame and creator of character designs for Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride.

Little Frances can’t get enough of bread and jam until…she’s finally had enough! The picky eater is turned around when she is served her favorite food at every meal until what everyone else is eating suddenly starts to look more appealing.

A fly, a frog, a cat, and a dog, give chase along with several other critters as a little boy tries to help sort out the mayhem. This cumulative, rhyming tale bounces along with an arc of suspense and most of all, humor.

Mice siblings Benny and Penny are just trying to have some fun hunting treasure in their backyard.  Everything is going swimmingly until their cousin Bo shows up.  That kid is a disaster, no toy is safe around him!

Naturally, Otto the orange cat’s favorite color is orange.  He wishes the whole world was orange!  Then one day, a genie grants his wish and he soon realizes it may not be the greatest idea after all…

A young boy will stop at nothing to chase pigeons. Even if the chase takes him clear across Manhattan. Will his parents find him in time?

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