where a children's librarian delivers the goods

Asch, Frank

Averill, Eshter

Beaty, Andrea

Bell, Cece

Brown, Calef

Brown, Margaret Wise

Brown, Peter

Bunting, Eve

Burningham, John

Carle, Eric

Dahl, Roald

dePaola, Tomie

DiCamillo, Kate

Donaldson, Julia

Dubuc, Marianne

Feiffer, Jules

Fleming, Candace

Foley, Greg

Freeman, Don

Green, John

Heide, Florence Parry

Henkes, Kevin

Hoban, Russell

Holm, Jennifer L.

Hutchins, Pat

Jansson, Tove

Jeffers, Oliver

Jenkins, Steve

Juster, Norton

Kibuishi, Kazu

Kasza, Keiko

Keats, Ezra Jack

Lin, Grace

Lobel, Arnold

McDermott, Gerald

Paterson, Katherine

Peet, Bill

Pinkwater, Daniel

Politi, Leo

Prelutsky, Jack

Rex, Adam

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse

Rylant, Cynthia

Sendak, Maurice

Seuss, Dr.

Scarry, Richard

Silverstein, Shel

Snicket, Lemony

Steig, William

Taback, Simms

Telegemeier, Raina

Waber, Bernard

White, E.B.

Wildsmith, Brian

Willems, Mo

Yee, Wong Herbert

Yolen, Jane


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