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A distinguished and adventurous mouse sets off to find his place in the world.

Adorable baby chimpanzee, Bobo is on the hunt. It seems every animal in the jungle is getting a big hug except him. With every cuddling pair he passes, his one word of text becomes louder and sadder as he wails, “HUG!” At last, his mother appears, running toward him yelling, “BOBO!” He runs to her, crying, “MOMMY!” and gets the biggest hug ever.

Alborough’s skilled marker pen drawings are lush, detailed and beautiful. His measured choice of three words of text is brilliantly executed. This story bursts with feeling and charm.

James is a very picky eater. Luckily, his dad has enough outlandish stories to sway him to at least give things a try.  James wouldn’t want the troll chef whipping up mushroom lasagna in the basement to lose his job, would he?

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