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Young Shau-yu turns a simple errand into a magically imaginative adventure. On her way to buy eggs, she follows a cat’s shadow, peers through a blue marble, crunches leaves and makes her world blurry with a found pair of eyeglasses. She returns home to her loving father, having had, “such a busy day.”

This book is a triumph in its quiet brilliance. Though the color palate is muted earth tones and the story is modest in its every-day-ness, it brims with life and magic. The artist’s perspectives are fresh and unexpected: Shau-yu is able to follow a cat’s shadow which is cast on the ground—the cat is walking on a roof, so it appears that Shau-yu is teetering on the edge as well. When she looks through the blue marble, the world, “becomes a big blue ocean”—awash in a gorgeous tone.  Pure, delightful and utterly charming.

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