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Did you know that every zebra has its own unique set of stripes?  And that the mother memorizes her baby’s pattern as soon as it’s born?!  Find out this and other amazing facts of many animal’s first day of life.

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My children think this series is hysterical and I am totally with them.  The humor is smart, without going over their heads or dipping into the scatological for cheap laughs.

In the first of the series (5 books so far), we meet Sasspants, a guinea pig who reads in her pet-shop cage using a thimble recycled as a reading lamp. The pet shop owner, Mr. Venezi is so dim, he labels every cage wrong–the hamsters are “koalas” and the chinchillas are “camels.”  The ferrets…?  “Long koalas,” of course.
Only Sasspants’ cage is properly identified because she’s made her own sign using tiles. When the “G” at the end of “PIG” disappears, Hamisher the hamster mistakes Sasspants for a private investigator (“PI”), and enlists her help to find who’s stealing Mr. Venezi’s sandwiches. So begins a sleuth’s career for Sasspants and loads of laughs for the reader. The full-color cartoons equally match the writing in humor and quality.
Bonus points that the main character, author and artist are all female.


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