A pig family goes on a drive to the beach for a picnic. Along the way, they share the road with every type of car you could possibly imagine (and several you probably never could). Have you ever laid eyes on a hammer car or a bananamobile? The pages are packed with narrative, vehicle descriptions, explanations of how they work, loads of traffic and lively activity. A non-stop feast for the eyes.
Many generations have been raised on this book and it’s no wonder it never looses its appeal. There is a stunning amount to look at on every page and always something new to discover. The chaos is anchored by running themes. Where is Goldbug? Will Officer Flossie ever catch that terrible Dingo driver? Can Mistress Mouse fix all the broken cars? Will the pigs make it to the beach? Scarry’s vehicles are looney and wildly imaginative. Who can resist a pickle truck, pumpkin car or broom-o-cycle? An absolute classic that’s a must for any Preschooler’s library.